There are data collection profiles for multiple MSDS collections, for 56 service areas and for the State as a whole. Counts are provided by the service area for the named collection. When a count is five or less, the count and percent are “masked” (**) for confidentiality purposes. Each selection within the Profiles tab shows all data for one service area for one collection. Each selection within the Rankings tab shows all service areas for one specified percentage value.

The selectable variables are grouped by general type: Regular Variables, Ethnic Percentages, Indicators and four services groupings – Child count, Contacts Per Child, Enrollment Adjusment, and Hours per Child.

The percentages for Snapshot, Period, and Age counts are “percent served” based on Michigan birth data. The percentages for Eligibility Reasons variables are the percent of children who were determined eligible under that particular code or set of codes. The percentages for other variables show the percent for a specific code within the variable. So, for example, the sum of percents for the Home, Community Based, and Other codes in the Setting variable is 100%. Ranks are all calculated with a 1 for the largest percent and 56 for the smallest. Ties in ranks (these mostly occur when multiple service areas have 0% or 100%) are settled by highest number of children served, then by lowest ISD code.

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