There are data collection profiles for 57 service areas (56 starting with October 2012) and for the State as a whole. There are profiles for multiple collections. Counts are those provided by the service area for the named collection. When a count is five or less, the count and percent are “masked” (**) for confidentiality purposes. The percent for Snapshot, Period, and Age counts are “percent served” based on Michigan birth data. The percent for other variables shows the percent for a specific code within the variable. So, for example, the sum of percents for the Home, Community Based, and Other codes in the Setting variable is 100%. Ranks are all done with 1 for the largest percent and 57 for the smallest. Ties in ranks (these mostly occur when many service areas have 0% or 100%) are settled by highest number of children served, then by lowest ISD code.

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