Part C Data Wizard

The IDEA Data Center (IDC) created the Part C Indicator Data Wizard in 2019. Imaginative trend charts are provided for OSEP Part C Indicators 1-8.

A version of the Wizard that contains Michigan state level data is available for download here.

Once downloaded, the Wizard spreadsheet can be modified to include local service area data for use in LICC, stakeholder and other presentations. The operation of the Wizard is simple, if you have your data: Plug in the numbers for an indicator, then copy and paste cool charts into Power Point, Word, or Excel. (One quick note – your copy of Excel may not be set to automatically recalculate when new data is entered. You can change that setting OR press the F9 key to force recalculation.)

Three tabs have been added to the spreadsheet to help you find your data

  1. Profiles to Wizard Crossover for all indicators, except Indicator 3-Child Outcomes, identifies the Profile Section and Row for each Wizard cell.
  2. Indicator 4 Family Outcomes template for converting Profile percentages to Wizard counts.
  3. 3 Child Outcomes template for converting percentages in the Wayne State University supplied Child Outcome Report to counts required by the Wizard

The FFY YEAR at the top of the Wizard columns can be confusing. FFY is Federal Fiscal Year, which runs from October through September and is named for the October year. Accordingly, FFY 2018 contains the Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and EOY 2019 MSDS collections. See the parenthetical note in the Indicator column of the Profiles to Wizard Crossover:

The State version of the Wizard will maintain the FFY designations. For June data, you can use the year of the collection if you desire; just be consistent.

More extensive explanation is included in a webinar that details the steps needed to populate Wizard cells with Early On data profile counts and percentages. That webinar is available HERE.

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